"A beautiful subject does not make a great photographer."

Ultime notizie

17 Novembre 2019: Nel mio blog è spuntato un riassunto di 10 anni di post. Un modo semplice per acquisire subito nuovi haters senza l'onere di doversi leggere tutto.

16 Novembre 2019: Nuovo post nel blog:
"Accettare le regole dei social per condividere le proprie opere
in cambio di visibilità uccide la buona fotografia."

About me

I am an amateur photographer based in Italy. Photography is my passion but not my work so I usually make photos for free and only on projects that I like. I don't think that the skill is measured on likes count so I stay away from social networks and I don't care if my subjects are famous or not. I take portraits and cosplay pictures, but I like also harajuku, sports, gothic dark and shibari photography. Some years ago I was an hollywood stuntman. I was in movies with Pierfrancesco Favino, Keira Knightley, Robert Pattinson, Clive Owen and many more, but this is another story that you can read here...

My photography

The idea, the scenography, the shot and the 2D or 3D retouching must be consistent with each other throughout the photographic work creation process. They are not things to be avoided at all: the photography in the twenty-first century is not only the content of a 24 poses camera roll.

The world around

I have never taken unknown landscapes or exotic animals. I'm not lucky enough to be able to travel often, and it's probably not even what I want to tell. I like common landscape and what i can find in my every day life.

Adult contents

I am resigned about the modern meaning of "adult contents". Looking around on social network i can easly find pictures of abused animals, drowned children, horrible diseases widespread regardless of the sensitivity of children. Selfies of girls in bathroom are trendy but a nude portrait is pure evil.

Strange encounters

When I use my camera, I accept any challenge even if I admit I don't like VIPs: i don't want to beg for fame from my subjects. In those days it was a project between friends, but if you didn't recognize her, now she is called "La Sabri".

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