My words:

"Retouching is not a way to improve a bad picture"

My photograpy:

I have taken cosplay photography for many years. It is a genre that offers many opportunities. Unfortunately today it has been inflated and invaded by beginners who shoot only sexy subjects, without even knowing the characters played by the cosplayer.
I always loved sports like gym and volleyball but I was also a athlete so I had not much time to take photos.
People are scared from nude photography and a nipple is a valid motivation to the censorship. Meanwhile we idolize girls who take sexy selfies in the bathroom and let pictures of violence on animals an people available for everyone.
Shibari is an ancient japanese technique that was used to immobilize prisoners during wars. Today is an erotic art that I tell with my photography. Curiosity: being an integral part of Japanese culture, shibari scenes also take place in many manga and anime.
I have never taken unknown landscapes or exotic animals. I'm not lucky enough to be able to travel often, and it's probably not even what I want to tell. I like common landscape and what i can find in my every day life.
I have many opportunities to shoot historical cars exibitions and other kind of events.

About me:

About me

I am an amateur photographer based in Italy. Photography is my passion but not my work so I usually make photos for free and only on projects that I like. I don't think that the skill is measured on likes count so I stay away from social networks and I don't care if my subjects are famous or not. I take portraits and cosplay pictures, but I like also harajuku, sports, gothic dark and shibari photography. The idea, the scenography, the shot and the 2D or 3D retouching must be consistent with each other throughout the photographic work creation process. They are not things to be avoided at all: the photography in the twenty-first century is not only the content of a 24 poses camera roll.

My past in film making

Some years ago I was an professional stuntman in an international team that works in movies like King Arthur, Rome, New Moon, The Eagle, Robin Hood, Avengers, L'Industriale, La Freccia Nera, Colorado, Violetta and many more.


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