"Each photo is the business card of its author"
Cosplay photography portrays film, comics and fantasy characters. It is a genre that offers many opportunities, but actually invaded by generic erotic shallow characters.
I have never taken unknown landscapes or exotic animals. I'm not lucky enough to be able to travel often, and it's probably not even what I want to tell. I like common landscape and what i can find in my every day life.
Making glamour photography is not an excuse to make nude shoots. Censorship is triggered by a too visible breast and let pictures of violence on animals on people available for everyone.
Shibari is an ancient japanese technique that was used to immobilize prisoners during wars. Today is an erotic art that I tell with my photography. Curiosity: being an integral part of Japanese culture, shibari scenes also take place in many manga and anime.
I always loved sports like gym and volleyball but I was also a athlete so I had not much time to take photos.
In many years I have taken photos in exibitions like fashion shows, bodipainting festivals, recitals, historic cars and many more.
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